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Expanding Your Knowledge About Autonomous Robots & Responsible Use.

About this Course This course is the only in-person, team-based, hands-on learning course in the Lead-Drive learning journey. In the context of the larger Know-Apply-Lead AI Education Research Pilot, we want to explore and understand the experience and learning efficacy of this style of pedagogy for leaders and managers who may have very little coding experience. We have developed a wide range of tools for this course to support participants in hands-on learning about advanced AI technologies. We will be evaluating and getting feedback on all aspects of this course from the content, activities, and tools to iterate and improve future offerings of this course.

Training Details ​This beginner course developed by the MIT Media Lab's Personal Robots Group, is a team-based, hands-on learning experience where participants build and interact with their own machine learning models, applied to mobile and aerial robots. The course format is a three (3) day in-person workshop that offers real-world case studies, project-based learning, and lively discussions to engage participants in the technical aspects of autonomous robots in a variety of applications. Participants also engage in activities pertaining to responsible design and governance considerations of autonomous robots and human-robot systems such as safety, trust, bias and accountability.  Through a pedagogical process of learning-by-making, participants develop their intuitions and understanding of how autonomous systems learn from, operate in, and affect the real world. The materials developed for this course take participants through a themed sequence involving autonomous drones: machine vision, learning behavior from experience, navigation, and human-robot teaming.  The course culminates in a capstone activity that brings it all together in a human-robot team competition. Participants will leave this learning experience with deeper insight into the opportunities and challenges -- both technical, ethical, and policy-based -- of integrating autonomous systems into real-world settings. ​ Upon completion of the course, participants are awarded a Certificate of Completion that can then be used to further advance their knowledge and skill in Autonomous Robot Knowledge.

​Who Is This Course For? Current cohorts are made of those in the fields of defense, government or socially-conscious service. No prior coding experience is necessary. Participants should expect to be actively engaged in working with a variety of technical activities designed for novice coders.



This experimental course is designed and taught by members of the Personal Robots Group at the MIT Media Lab. This internationally famous research group advances the computational science, psychological principles, design methods and technologies for personal robots and personified AI agents. Many of the group’s projects focus on long-term interaction between people and social robots in real-world contexts such as schools, hospitals, senior living communities, and the home to promote quality of life, learning, creativity, emotional wellbeing, and social connection. The group also develops a wide range of constructionist learning materials to help people of all ages learn about artificial intelligence, it’s responsible design, and societal implications.

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